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INTERACTIVOS? is a research and production platform for the creative and educational uses of technology. Its main goal is to expand on the use of electronic and software tools for artists, designers and educators. Its events, since 2006, are a hybrid between a production workshop, a seminar and a showcase, creating a space for reflection, research and collaborative work, open to the public from beginning to end. Taking place for the first time in Brazil, the Belo Horizonte edition is guided by the theme High End Low Tech, aiming at projects that approach simple and accessible technological resources in an innovative way. The international call for projects will select proposals that will be developed during the event, in interdisciplinary teams of collaborators.

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Conceived by Medialab-Prado, from Spain, Interactivos? took place for the first time in 2006. The idea arose from the initiative to offer a workshop long enough to develop projects that could get finished and presented at the end of the event. It was also proposed a new interactive model of workshop, surpassing the typical dynamic of the teacher-student relation, in which one teaches while the other learns, with influence of the premises of Do It Yourself and Do It With Others.


Therefore, the name Interactivos?, with a question mark, refers to a questioning of the idea of interactivity, generally understood as an “election within a few given options”. The word interactivity is expressed with much more strength through the collective creation with open tools, in an environment in which participants can both learn and teach how technology works and where they have the opportunity to build their own projects with the help of others.

The event thus comprises a hybrid program that includes: a seminar for the discussion of the proposed theme; a collaborative workshop for the production of the selected proposals; and an exhibition presenting to the public the achieved results. It is an event already held in places like Madrid, New York, Mexico City and Lima, in 10 occasions. Internationally renowned, the model developed by Medialab-Prado has been awarded a honorable mention at Prix Ars Electronica, from Linz, Austria, that for 23 years has acknowledged the most important works in the art and technology field.

For the first time in Brazil, Interactivos? ’10 BH will take place from November 21st and December 15th of 2010 (seminar + workshop + exhibition) and will have as a theme: High End Low Tech, aiming at projects that apply and develop simple and accessible technologies in an innovative way. The activities of the workshop will be held at Marginalia+Lab with the assistance of tutors Fernando Rabelo (Brazil), Kiko Mayorga (Peru) and Arturo Castro (Spain).

Besides the programmed activities, the event may incorporate little portfolio presentations, debates and workshops about themes considered of common interest among participants, or even about those crucial for the development of the projects.


theme _ high end low tech



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Up to 8 projects are going to be selected to be developed during the workshop by their proponents with the participation of a group of volunteer collaborators. The activities will count with the guidance of a team of tutors, technical assistants and invited collaborators.

Call for projects

An international call will be opened for collaborators interested in taking part in one of the development teams relative to the workshop's selected projects.

Call for collaborators

The seminar is going to happen for two days, dealing with the event's theme: high end low tech.

On the first day, presentations will be given by the tutors Fernando Rabelo, Kiko Mayorga and Arturo Castro and by the invited reasearchers.

On the second day, authors of the selected proposals will present their projects and objectives to the public.

* Simultaneous translation is going to be offered in english and portuguese.

More about the theme

From November 23rd to December 8th, the production workshop is going to hold the work of collaborative teams of the selected projects in a mixed environment of shared research, production, experimentation and learning.

The activities will count with the instructors' guidance and assistance from techinical assistants and invited collaborators. Projetcs will be developed through interdisciplinary collaboration between proponents, collaborators and tutors.

Following an open and collaborative methodology, the events aims to incorporate distinct proposals and fields of works in an environment suggesting constant sharing between its participants, with the possibility of incorporating sponteneous activities according to common needs identified in the projects being developed.

selected projects call for collaborators call for projects

After the production workshop, the results achieved are going to be exhibited for the period of one week, granting its access to the public. This is the last of the series of events that constitute Interactivos?.

how to participate

There are two main forms of active participation in the collaborative workshop of Interactivos? - as a proponent or collaborator -, each one with a specific call:

1 _ International call for projects: the selected proposals will be published after October 20th 2010.

The call for projects aims at those interested in proposing projects to be developed during the workshop, with no limitations in the number of projects presented per person. Submissions from both individuals and groups are accepted. Authors of the selected proposals will coordinate the teams for the production of their projects, with the compromise to develop and document them as far as possible. The selection will be made by the tutors, the event's coordination team and by the invited researchers and curators.

Up to 8 projects dealing with the theme “high-end low tech” will be selected. Authors of the selected proposals who don’t live in Belo Horizonte will get travelling tickets and lodging to participate in the workshop for the period of 2 weeks. In the case of group applications, the support will be given to only one of its members. During this period infrastructure, equipment and materials will be provided for the teams to develop their works with the support of tutors, technical assistants and collaborators.

2 _ International call for collaborators: submissions will be opened from October 20th to November 20th 2010.

It is aimed at those interested in participating of one or more interdisciplinary teams for the development of the selected projects during the collaborative workshop. Lodging will be offered to 20 collaborators, and will be filled accord to the order in which applications are received.



The international open call for collaborators is now officially closed. Due to the large number of subscriptions, the production team has made the decision to end the call earlier,based on the physical capacity of the space where the collaborative laboratory will take place. We would like to thank all the interested in joining the development groups of the selected projects and invite all the one's who didn't make to the collaborators group to visit the space, by appointment.




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